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Hell and Heaven Het is in need of a content writer since I don't have enough time myself to make content for the games we cover, mostly because of school.

The new content writer has to know much about the games we cover and needs to be active on the community forum. However, I don't tolerate writers that rip content from other websites.

If you feel something for this job, please let me know by dropping a comment or contact me by using the contact form.

The website was giving a PHP error the last couple of days and I didn't notice it till now. The forum stats information script caused an error due to my host (Servage) changing a PHP setting and I thought I fixed the script. Well, it caused an error when you clicked on one of the games we cover causing the site to break. But now all is fixed again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hell and Heaven Net Topsites, one of the most active Final Fantasy & Square Enix Topsites with 160 members has been taken down by my host. The reason why it has been taken offline is the high load of resources the script is using. Previous month the website was suspended for over 6 hours because of that and the site and forum wasn't running well (white pages, errors). I don't have any intentions to start over again or switch hosts again, so its the end of Hell and Heaven Net Topsites. If you were a member, please remove the button from your website.

I hope you'll understand.

I'm sorry for the downtime the past 8 hours. My host temporary suspended my account due to the high load my topsites has caused. I've banned a lot of spam websites that might caused the high load.
Hope this won't happen again.

Hell and Heaven Net Topsites, which is one of the biggest and most active Final Fantasy & Square Enix Topsite list there is, has finally got a new design! The old layout was kinda old already and I didn't really liked the look anymore. The new one is a (dark) green layout which looks a lot better and is better readeble. Hope you'll like the new look.
However due to a bug in the script because of a mod members can't edit their site details at the moment. If you want to edit your site details, please contact me by using the contact form. Hope it will be fixed soon.

» Topsites

All the downloads should be back online now. More downloads will be added shortly. The roms can now be downloaded without any requirement (since HHN has more bandwidth now). Also I've added Final Fantasy V Advance & Final Fantasy VI Advance to the roms collection!
If you like the game please support Square Enix by buying the game.

The server move from PCextreme to Servage is finally complete! There were some issues with special characters not displaying correctly. Also I had to edit every content file, since I made an error with including files.

The forums were down for more than a day, since I was having trouble with special characters turning into question marks, but luckily with some help at vBulletin support forum I fixed it. Also I had some trouble with importing the database, but thanks to Servage support I finally got everything to work.

Please note that the Arcade is currently offline, due to that the games still needed to be uploaded and the all the scores will be reseted.

Some pages or downloads might not be available at the moment. Please try again later. If you get an error please report it to me so I can fix it.

Some of you might red it somewhere, for the people that don't know; Hell and Heaven Net will move hosts after 3 years having PCextreme as my host. The reason why I'm moving hosts is that I want to expand HHN with more downloads and media but I don't think my current bandwidth of 60 GB a month won't be enough. And lately there has been some problems (database errors).
My new host will be Servage where I get enough space and bandwidth so I can expand HHN. My account has finally been approved yesterday.

Hell and Heaven Net will move servers hopefully this Monday. First I wanted to do it this weekend, but I'm staying at a friend then. During the move the forum will be temporary closed so that no posts will be lost. Also I need to change the DNS of the domain and that can take up to 2 days, so HHN might go down.

Hell and Heaven Net

We wish everybody a Happy New Year!! May 2007 be a good year for HHN and for RPGs. And the PlayStation 3 will hopefully be available in March.

Hell and Heaven Net

We, from the staff of Hell and Heaven Net, want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great day. You can expect no updates on this day, since I'm bringing my time with my family and likely playing my just obtained copy of World of Warcraft.


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