June 2007

Here you can find news items that were posted on Hell and Heaven Net in the past.

Two new scans have been uploaded to the net from the latest issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump with information and screenshots from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. On one of the screenshots you can see Yuffie.

Scans: 1, 2
Source: NeoGAF

Square Enix has released the first trailer of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. In the trailer you see an impression of the battles that look a lot like Kingdom Hearts II. Also during the battle you see Zidane and Kuja in their Trance forms and at the end of the trailer you see Sephiroth, who might be in the game too.

You can view the trailer at our movies & trailers section.

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Square Enix has announced today that Heroes of Mana, a Nintendo DS game developed by Brownie Brown will also be released in Europe and other PAL territories in Autumn 2007.

“We’re very excited to be bringing Heroes of Mana to Europe,” says John Yamamoto, President and CEO of Square Enix Ltd. “The Mana series has long been adored by fans around the world. Heroes of Mana offers a fantastically fresh new approach, with the addition of real-time strategy that makes battles even more thrilling than before.”

Square Enix

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VI Advance will be released in Europe on 29 June by Nintendo on the Game Boy Advance. The game will not only be available in the improved English translation, but also in other European languages. The game has been rated by PEGI as 7+ and will have a retail price of £30 / 40 euro.

Bad news for Xbox 360 fanboys that want a Final Fantasy game (except for Final Fantasy XI) on their console. According to IGN there won't be any one soon. On a question if the Wii of Xbox 360 will get a Final Fantasy game, Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto said: "For the Wii, we have FF Crystal Chronicles in production. As for FF on the Xbox 360, it's currently a completely blank page."

Final Fantasy VII

In an interview with the Japanese magazine Dorimaga Tetsuya Nomura has denied that Final Fantasy VII will be remade. He said: "It appears that there are often overseas rumors like 'Are you currently developing a VII remake?' My apologies, but we're absolutely not making such a game."

This doesn't exclude that the game will ever be made. Read the complete article at IGN.