Here you can download music in various formats (MIDI, SPC, PSF). We don't have mp3's available for download, since they aren't allowed. Please, don't hotlink to these files but link to this page instead.


SPC are sounds rips from Super Nintendo games which can be created with Super Nintendo emulator (like zsnes). Here you can download RSN files with SPC files which you can play with Winamp (after installing a plugin called SNESamp) and with KbMedia Player.

Game Title Size Download
Bahamut Lagoon 174 kB Download
Chrono Trigger 294 kB Download
Final Fantasy IV 137 kB Download
Final Fantasy V 200 kB Download
Final Fantasy VI 284 kB Download
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest 84 kB Download
Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2) 171 kB Download
Seiken Densetsu 3 278 kB Download
Secret of Evermore 291 kB Download
Star Ocean 198 kB Download


PSF means Portable Sound Format and is a simple, flexible format for emulated music on a variety of 1990s-era and later game systems. Here you can download music rips from PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games. The music is almost the same as MP3 files, but some files are missing due to that they can't be ripped. The files come in PSF, PSF2, miniPSF & miniPSF2 types and are small in size. They can be played with a plugin for Winamp called Highly Experimental.

Game Title Size Format Download
Chrono Cross 16.8 MB PSF Download
Dragon Quest VIII 13.5 MB PSF2 Download
Final Fantasy VII demo 708 KB PSF Download
Final Fantasy VII 807 KB miniPSF Download
Final Fantasy VIII 11.8 MB miniPSF Download
Final Fantasy IX 24.5 MB PSF Download
Final Fantasy X 42.2 MB miniPSF2 Download
Final Fantasy X-2 24.5 MB PSF2 Download
Final Fantasy XI 40.4 MB PSF2 Download
Final Fantasy XI:
Chains of Promathia
19.2 MB PSF2 Download
Final Fantasy XI:
Rise of the Ziliard
18.6 MB PSF2 Download
Final Fantasy XI:
Treasures of Aht Urhgan
13.6 MB PSF2 Download
Final Fantasy XII 65.6 MB PSF2 Download
Final Fantasy Tactics 680 KB miniPSF Download
Legend of Dragoon 9.68 MB miniPSF Download
Star Ocean: The Second Story 3.38 MB PSF Download
Suikoden II 11.1 MB miniPSF Download
Vagrant Story 9.65 MB miniPSF Download
Xenogears 10.5 MB PSF Download


Basic keyboard music. Most media players support them.

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XI
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Legend of Dragoon