September 2005

Here you can find news items that were posted on Hell and Heaven Net in the past.

Square Enix

Square Enix today announced the two newest additions to its longrunning Seiken Densetsu series: Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 4. The former will feature 2D visuals and be released for Nintendo's DS handheld platform, while latter will shine in complete 3D on an undisclosed platform.

Seiken Densetsu DS: Children will be available in Japan sometime next year, while Seiken Densetsu 4 has yet to receive an official release date.

Source: RPGFan

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Today the OST from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has been released in Japan. The box contains of 2 discs with a total of 26 songs. The orginal music is written by Nobuo Uematsu and has been arranged by Kenichiro Fukui, Tsuyoshi Sekito & Keiji Kawamori. The OST costs ¥3000 ($27).

For the tracklist look here:

Hell and Heaven Net

After a long time from lack of updates to the site, HHN is back in action with a new layout! This is our 10th layout made by Dark-Matter (or known as .KrytikaL.). I wanna thank him for making such a nice layout.
Not everything works though; like all the game sections have no menu's. Also some things needs to be modified still.

This month is Hell and Heaven Net's 4th anniversary! I wanna thank all the people supporting me in the last 4 years and all the staff that helped me getting HHN as big as today.

Edit: The menu's has been fixed!