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Square Enix Forums is the latest Square Enix comminity where you can discuss about games from Square Enix like the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, Star Ocean series and all other games. Also you can create social groups,

Do you remember the card game from Final Fantasy VIII: Triple Triad? Well, you can play the game against others (and against a computer) very soon on Square Enix Forums. Also the Arcade will be available for people who like to play flash games.

So, please be a part of this growing community, because we can't last without you.

Square Enix Forums

Hell and Heaven Net

After a lot of years having a community forum I decided to close it, since there was no activity anymore. It has been some great years with up- and downsides. Thanks goes to all the forum staff who supported me and all the members who stayed active from time to time.

I managed to convert all news items to Drupal, which will be used for posting news from now on and you can all leave your comments without registiring. There's still some tweaking to be done to the layout which I'll do in the upcoming days. I don't think that I'll convert all content to Drupal, since it's too much work and I don't have a lot of time at the moment (due to college mostly).

The website StarOcean4.com will be closing soon and all content will be transfered to Hell and Heaven Net, since there isn't much news about the game anymore (only the PS3 version that is coming in February).

Hell and Heaven Net

I've finally finished a new feature to Hell and Heaven Net called the History of Final Fantasy. If you're interested in how the Final Fantasy series began back in 1987 or why the game was called Final Fantasy, you should go and check it out.

The next I want to change is the main page. Instead of only displaying the news items, I also want to display some forum information and the poll will be back.

Hell and Heaven Net

After a long time of adjusting a lot of pages the website finally has a brand new layout! Version 12 is a new easy layout in blue which replaces the old dark blue one which was old and didn't meet today's requirements. With the new layout a lot of links have been changed, so it might happen that some links have become broken, pages not displaying alright and images that are not displaying. I'll fix them in the next few days. I hope you all like the new layout.

Also some games with lack of content have been dropped. They might come back when more content is written for the game. The affiliates list have also been cleaned of websites that have died or aren't updated anymore. New affiliates are welcome.

Hell and Heaven Net

You might be wondering why the website isn't updated with new content lately. While, I've been rather busy with school and other websites that I have to maintain.

But I'm not letting Hell and Heaven Net die! To replace the really old layout, I'm currently working on a new one that is almost done and needs to be coded still. Only that takes quite some time, since everything needs to be changed. The new layout will be a simple one, no high quality designing, since I'm not experienced enough with it. The community forums will be getting a new layout soon too that's based on the new layout.

I'm expecting that the new layout will be launched next weekend.

Hell and Heaven Net

Hell and Heaven Net Topsites is back online! Since I moved hosts and my current one doesn't have any problems with the script I've decided to put it back online! It still has the same style it used to have before it was taken offline. Since I prefer this topsites above the one at iTopsites, that one will be taken offline shortly and all members will be getting an email about it.

I hope Hell and Heaven Net Topsites will become one of the biggest Final Fantasy & Square Enix like it used to be and that my host doesn't begin to complain about it.

If you have a website that is related to Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Grandia, Star Ocean or/and any other game from Square Enix, you're free to join.

» Hell and Heaven Net Topsites

The server move has been successfully completed! You might expect some improvements in access time of the website and the forum and lets hope the lost connection errors are gone.

I still need to upload some files, so some things might not work. It should be fixed in the following days.

After a year being hosted by Servage I'm going to move the site to another host again. This because I'm not satisfied with Servage, especially their database servers are lame. Also the support is bad.

I'm moving to a Dutch host again, Interion Internet Services. I'm now in the middle of uploading all the files. After that I'll request a DNS change to the domain. That can take 1 or 2 days to effect. The Community Forums will go down for a short while to prevent losing posts etc.

I hope everything will be working fine again after the weekend is over.

Update: The move is delayed with a couple of days, since the DNS can't be changed during the weekends. I hope the site will be running on the new host this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Hell and Heaven Net

It's almost 4 months ago that I had to close my topsites. Recently I've found iTopsites and opened a topsites list called Final Fantasy Topsites. If you have a website that's related to Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Grandia, Star Ocean or/and other games from Square Enix you are free to join. The header of the skin still needs some work though.

* link removed, since its dead

Hell and Heaven Het is in need of a content writer since I don't have enough time myself to make content for the games we cover, mostly because of school.

The new content writer has to know much about the games we cover and needs to be active on the community forum. However, I don't tolerate writers that rip content from other websites.

If you feel something for this job, please let me know by dropping a comment or contact me by using the contact form.


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