January 2006

Here you can find news items that were posted on Hell and Heaven Net in the past.

Hell and Heaven Net

The website's content system has been change a bit. All the links has been changed and makes it easier to navigate without the really long url. You might notice some pages doesn't display well and links that don't work. Just give me a few days to change all that and everything will work right again!

Yesterday Square Enix has annouced the launch date of the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XI and their new expasion called Treasures of Aht Urghan. It North America it will be available on April 18th and in Japan and Europe on April 20th.

Some of the features of the new expasion Treasures of Aht Urghan are:
- Uncover the tales and legends surrounding the Aht Urhgan Empire.
- New jobs: Blue Mage and Corsair.
- New powerful monsters (like the Mamool Ja, a powerful tribe of the beastman that hold dominion over the Mamool Ja Savagelands, a land hostile to the Near Eastern Aht Urhgan Empire).

The expasion doesn't require the 2 earlier expansions and will be sold separately for PC and PS2 users for a price of $29,99 (USD) at North American retailers. Xbox 360 users will get the game plus all 3 expasions (Chains of Promathia, Rise of the Zilart & Treasures of Aht Urhgan) for a price of $49,99 (USD).

Source: Square Enix

Today the day has finally come for the Japanese Vincent lovers: Dirge of Cerberus has been released today in Japan! We will keep you informed when the game will be released in North America and Europe.

Square Enix has announced the release date for Grandia III in the United States. It will be on Valentines Day, February 14th. So, maybe you can give Grandia III to your valentine!

Yesterday Square Enix announced that it has sold over one million copies of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in Japan. Three weeks after the release on 14th of September the movie had been bought 700,000 times already. Producer Shinji Hashimoto said: "I'm extremely happy that we managed to achieve sales that can only be called wonderful in particular for an original movie title."
After some serious delays Square Enix still wants to release the movie in North America and Europe after the succes of the movie in Japan. No release date has been announced yet though.

Source: RPGFan

Square-Enix has opened their official North American website of Grandia III a couple of days ago. On the website you can find information of the game, it's story, characters and battle system. Also you can download some wallpapers and you can view some battle clips and the English trailer.

Grandia III will be released in the United States next month.

» Official Grandia III US website

Square Enix announced that it will release Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Cursed King in Europe later this year, following a November 15th, 2005 release in North America. This marks the first time Square Enix's flagship series will hit European retail store shelves. At a special event in London, series mastermind Yuuji Horii emphasized the role the merger between Square and Enix has played in bringing the series to Europe. Enix alone would not have been able to release the game in all territories, Horii explained.

Prior to the merger, Square already had major overseas operations in North America (Square Electronic Arts LLC) and in Europe. In the past Square Enix president Youichi Wada has repeatedly mentioned his company's desire to use these assets to broaden the appeal of Enix franchises such as Dragon Quest and Star Ocean abroad.

Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Cursed King will be available in Europe sometime in April.

Source: RPGFan

Edit 15/01: Square Enix has confirmed that they will NOT release the demo for Final Fantasy XII together with the game.

Hell and Heaven Net

I've decided to put the roms back online and I'll check how the bandwidth goes now, otherwise more actions will be took and maybe the roms will go down for ever.

Some roms have been removed from the download list, since we only offer roms made by Square, or Square Enix. But also some new roms have been added, like Final Fantasy IV Advance, Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls and Super Mario RPG.

If you like the game please support Square Enix by buying the game.

» Roms/Emulators

Recently PlayOnline opened their website where users can sign in for beta testing on the Xbox 360. A Xbox Live account is required to register. Players from Japan, North America and Europe can participate.

In the beta version some features will not be available, like font and characters specific for the European region, USB peripherals (excluding the USB keyboard and mouse) and wireless LAN adapter compatibility.

Xbox 360 players will play on a stand-alone server during the beta, so not with PC and PS2 players. After the beta players will join the PC and PS2 players.

So, if you wanna participate in the beta test, get the February issue of Official Xbox Magazine which will be released on January 17th.

» Participate in FF11 Xbox 360 beta test

A new Dirge of Cerberus commercial was shown on Fuji-TV yesterday and has appeared on the net. The movie shows scenes from the Jump Festa '06 preview, but they are in high quality and sound. You can find the commercial in our movies section, or click on the direct link.
The game will be released in Japan on January 26th.

» Commercial
» Source: Dirge of Cerberus

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix has added 5 new wallpapers to their official Dirge of Cerberus website. On some of them you see CG material, on others accessories.
Dirge of Cerberus will be released in Japan on January 26th.

» Official Dirge of Cerberus website

All members from the Hell and Heaven Net staff whishes you a Happy New Year!! May 2006 be a good RPG year with some cool releases!