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This month Hell and Heaven Net is celebrating its 5th Birthday!! In July 2001 Hell and Heaven Net started on a free host as a Final Fantasy and Anime fansite. Back then I was a beginner with making websites, the layout was really ugly. Good things (getting domain, vbulletin) and bad things (staff members left) happened in the years. On the History page you can find a total history of 5 years Hell and Heaven Net.

Hell and Heaven Net

I've made a new layout since the old layout was online for a very long time already, not that it was a bad layout (thx KrytikaL).

The new layout is a dark blue one that is based on the topsites layout and what unique is with this layout is that to the left you see the games Hell and Heaven Net covers. Not all the games we cover are on the list, because the content of those sections are lacking. But they will come back when more content is made.

Hope you like the new layout. Comments are welcome. I'm off getting ready for my next school test...

PCextreme, my hosting company, has just upgraded their webservers to Apache 2, PHP5 and MySQL5. Due to the upgrade, some scripts began to not function anymore. I'll try and look for a fix for the scripts.

Edit: Scripts fixed, thanks goes to Belazor.

Hell and Heaven Net

Earlier this week I've opened a Dutch Advent Children website. On this website you can find information (in Dutch) and media about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children that just has been released in the Netherlands. So, for all the Dutch viewers, check it out by clicking on the link.

» AdventChildren.nl

Oh, and with the European release of Advent Children Square Enix has opened their European official website. There you can find the story, character information, trailers and wallpaper downloads.

» Official European Advent Children website

I'm sorry for the downtime Hell and Heaven Net had today. My hosting company had put the website offline due to a leak in a script. And someone is executing exploits due to that. And that is causing the server to be unreachable.
I've updated some PHP scripts and I hope the leak is now closed. Some scripts are temporary taken offline, but will be back soon hopefully.

Edit: The leak seems to be closed.

I'm sorry for the lack of site updates I did the last 2 weeks. I've been really busy with school, doing tests and stuff. Now I have 3 weeks vacation, so I can update the site more. A new site layout will maybe come soon. I still have to start making it. Expect more integration with the forums.

That's all and I wish you all a Happy Easter!

Hell and Heaven Net

The website's content system has been change a bit. All the links has been changed and makes it easier to navigate without the really long url. You might notice some pages doesn't display well and links that don't work. Just give me a few days to change all that and everything will work right again!

Hell and Heaven Net

I've decided to put the roms back online and I'll check how the bandwidth goes now, otherwise more actions will be took and maybe the roms will go down for ever.

Some roms have been removed from the download list, since we only offer roms made by Square, or Square Enix. But also some new roms have been added, like Final Fantasy IV Advance, Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls and Super Mario RPG.

If you like the game please support Square Enix by buying the game.

» Roms/Emulators

All members from the Hell and Heaven Net staff whishes you a Happy New Year!! May 2006 be a good RPG year with some cool releases!

From the Hell and Heaven Net staff we all wish you a Merry Chirstmas! You can expect no updates the next 2 days, so I can spend more time on other things like playing Final Fantasy XI and my family.


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