Current Affiliates
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To affiliate with Hell and Heaven Net you have to comply to most of the following conditions.

  1. Your site have to at least have 1 section done for almost 100%.
  2. Your site layout must be easy to navigate and nice looking.
  3. Your site have to at least 150 unique hits (visitors) a day or more.
  4. Your site has to be related with Square Enix games like Final Fantasy.
  5. Your site needs to be updated once a week.
  6. Your site needs to be in English or Dutch. I don't affiliate with other sites I can't read.
  7. Your site needs to have a domain. We don't accept free hosted sites.
  8. We don't affiliate with forum sites.
  9. Your site must have no unwanted pop-ups or lots of ads that ruin the layout (just to earn money).

If you're interested and meet most of these requirements, please enter the following form.