December 2006

Here you can find news items that were posted on Hell and Heaven Net in the past.

Final Fantasy XII

A couple of days ago Square Enix has placed their Final Fantasy XII teaser website online with the trailer and a countdown till the launch of the official website. Also it says that the game will be released in February 2007. Now only which day remains.

» Official European Final Fantasy XII website

Hell and Heaven Net

We, from the staff of Hell and Heaven Net, want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great day. You can expect no updates on this day, since I'm bringing my time with my family and likely playing my just obtained copy of World of Warcraft.

A lot of screenshots from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings have been revealed! The game will be released on the Nintendo DS somewhere in 2007. Take a look at the screenshots and you'll see the game will be in 3D too, like Final Fantasy III.

» Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings screenshots

The latest edition of V-Jump contains a page about Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII new content and screenshots from the latest trailer.

» V-Jump magazine scan


The main highlight for this years Jump Festa was definitely the Square Enix booth, where a huge chunk of their upcoming lineup was on display, including Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix as well as a trio of games never before shown in playable form -- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PSP, and Seiken Densetsu: Heroes of Mana and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates for Nintendo DS. Unfortunately Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings wasn't playable, nor was the recently announced update/port of Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War for PSP (though they did show a nice video).

SE also had a private movie theater showing footage from many of their 2007 games, including Final Fantasy Versus XIII for PS3 and Final Fantasy Agito XIII for cell phones. Interestingly enough, at the end of the reel they showed a very brief (like one second brief) clip of the face of an armored man grimacing at the camera on what looked like some sort of battlefield. It was followed by the text "And something new coming in 2007." What it was is anyone's guess; Time will tell.

They also showed a new trailer for Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors for Wii, which will be the first Dragon Quest game ever in Japan to feature voice acting (the US version of Dragon Quest VIII was fully voiced, but the Japanese one was text only).

Source: 1up

According to reports out of Japan, the new Jump magazine will contain information about two new Final Fantasy Tactics games.

The PSP will get Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou which is an updated version of Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSone. The game will feature new jobs and some slick cell shaded movies. Also Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Fuuketsu no Guurimore will be developed. Nothing is known about this game yet, even its platform.

Both games will fall, together with Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, under the project called "Ivalice Alliance".

More information will hopefully be released at the Jump Festa that will start this Saterday.

Source: IGN

Square Enix has held a press conference today where they announced Dragon Quest IX: Hoshizora no Mamoribito (Protectors of the Starry Sky). The game will not be released on the next generation consoles, but on the Nintendo DS handheld. This will be the first game in the series that will be playable on a handheld.

The game will be made by Level 5, just like the previous Dragon Quest and will feature 3D graphics, 4 player option and will be more action related than the previous games.

The release is stated for somewhere in 2007.

16/12 Update:
The first video of the game is available. You can watch it on the official website.

» Official Dragon Quest IX Japanese Website

Source: GameFront

Square-Enix has opened the Japanese teaser site for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. The site only has one placeholder image for now, and that’s it.

» Check out the teaser site here

A short video taken from Japanese Television where you can see the development of Final Fantasy XIII has been put online (thanks to masuda3). In the video you can see the awesome look of the town shown by someone from Square Enix.

» Watch on YouTube

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has finally released a teaser trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game that will be made Kingdom Hearts II and Advent Children teams and will play a different story then Final Fantasy XIII. The trailer is filled with amazing graphics and a nice song.
More information will hopefully be released at the Jump Festa. The game will be released on PlayStation 3.

» Watch trailer

Final Fantasy III

Yesterday Square Enix has announced that the release date for the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy III is set for Spring 2007. It will be, like in the United States, the first time Final Fantasy III will be available in Europe.

Square Enix has published the Tokyo Game Show 2006 trailer on their Japanese website, however its for members only. You can also watch it on YouTube, thanks goes to reminder84 for uploading it.

Its a great trailer that is really worth watching. The battle system looks amazing for a PSP game. More information about the game will hopefully be released at the coming Jump Festa.

» Watch it on the official website (Members Only)
» Watch it on YouTube

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