This Monday Server Move!

Some of you might red it somewhere, for the people that don't know; Hell and Heaven Net will move hosts after 3 years having PCextreme as my host. The reason why I'm moving hosts is that I want to expand HHN with more downloads and media but I don't think my current bandwidth of 60 GB a month won't be enough. And lately there has been some problems (database errors).
My new host will be Servage where I get enough space and bandwidth so I can expand HHN. My account has finally been approved yesterday.

Hell and Heaven Net will move servers hopefully this Monday. First I wanted to do it this weekend, but I'm staying at a friend then. During the move the forum will be temporary closed so that no posts will be lost. Also I need to change the DNS of the domain and that can take up to 2 days, so HHN might go down.