June 2006

Here you can find news items that were posted on Hell and Heaven Net in the past.

Kingdom Hearts II

More news for the European Kingdom Hearts fans. Yesterday Ubisoft announced that it has entered a distribution agreement with Square Enix Ltd. to bring Kingdom Hearts II to France, Benelux, Australia, New Zealand and the Nordic territories including Iceland.

Kingdom Hearts II will be available exclusively on PlayStation 2 in PAL territories in autumn 2006.

Final Fantasy XII

Yesterday Square Enix has announced the official release date for Final Fantasy XII in North America. The game will be released on October 31st, 2006 and will be exclusive for PlayStation 2.

A limited edition of the game will be available exclusively at GameStop and EB Games stores. Housed within special packaging, the bonus DVD offers Japanese and American promotional trailers, in-depth developer interviews, an art gallery and featurettes focusing on highlights of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Final Fantasy XII will have a retail price of $49.99 (USD) and $59.99 (USD) for the Collector's Edition.

Kingdom Hearts II

Square Enix has launched their European Kingdom Hearts II website. Not much information is there yet, only a list of screenshots and the Autumn 2006 release date.

» Official European Kingdom Hearts II website

Final Fantasy III

In the latest issue of V-Jump four pages are covered of brand new screenshots from the DS version of Final Fantasy III. Also you can see artwork of the game.

Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS will be released on 24th of August in Japan.

Scans: 1 2 3 4

Square Enix

During a recent shareholder meeting, Square Enix announced concern over the supplies of DS and DS Lite. Their reason for being concerned? They do not want supplies of the DS or DS Lite to run out when they are coming close to the launch of Final Fantasy III.

They believe that if there are significant system shortages, it will slow down the sales of FF III, a title they are very excited to launch, and believe will have strong sales on the portable. Nintendo has reassured Square Enix that they are shipping as many units as possible, working to meet the 2 million units supplied each month during the summer period.

Hell and Heaven Net

I've made a new layout since the old layout was online for a very long time already, not that it was a bad layout (thx KrytikaL).

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A couple of days ago Square Enix announced that it shipped over 2.4 million units of its movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children worldwide. 1.3 million units were shipped in the United States already, which is a big success.

There are now also English magazine scans from the Official US PlayStation magazine and Play magazine. Most of the information is old news, but still it's worth a read.

» Magazine Scans: Play: 1 2 | OPM: 1 2

Source: Fantasy-13.com

Final Fantasy VII

Retail giant Best Buy has begun taking preorders for the Final Fantasy VII remake for PlayStation 3 (see for yourself right here -- an event we found curious, considering the fact that Square Enix has repeatedly told the press that the game hasn't been confirmed (as evidenced in this story) and was only intended to be a tech demo for the PS3 hardware at E3 2005.

As always, your buddies here at IGN contacted Square Enix representatives to see what the story is. Here's what they had to say:

"We have confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII is in development, but have NOT confirmed a FF7 remake at any time. The remake has been a popular subject for rumors, but that's all they are. Obviously the Best Buy listing was made in error."

Is Final Fantasy VII PS3 the rumor that wouldn't die?

Source: IGN.com

Square Enix has redesigned their official Final Fantasy XI website. The new layout has a better look, readability and navigation. They plan on updating and/or revising the content in feature.

» Official Final Fantasy XI website (USA)
» Official Final Fantasy XI (EU)

Dragon Quest VIII, that is in Europe known as Dragon Quest: Journey of the Cursed King has sold over 600,000 copies in Europe since it's release back on April 13th. For the first Dragon Quest game in Europe this is a success.

Big chance that more Dragon Quest games will be released in Europe. Recently Dragon Quest: Joker (for the Nintendo DS) and Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (Nintendo Wii) has been announced.

Square Enix has announced that soon they will introduce The Final Fantasy XI Linkshell Community Beta Version. This allows you to communicate with members from your linkshell from any internet connection.

Some tools that will be provided are that Linkshell members have access to an exclusive message board, an up-to-date list of current member information, a search feature and a list of recently formed linkshells for each individual World.

Source: PlayOnline

In the recent release of Electronic Gaming Monthly Square Enix has released some new details in a interview about Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3.

Original the game was planned for the PlayStation 2 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PlayStation 3, but Square Enix liked it better to released both games on PlayStation 3.

The story of Final Fantasy XIII will go around a legend of some new crystals. This will from the basis of the Fabula Nova Chrystallis project. The worlds in the games will be completely different from each other and the characters will not meat each other. The end of the game will take all games in relation.

The heroin of Final Fantasy XIII is based of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and will be a strong, independent lady.

The battle system of Final Fantasy XIII looks like an action game, but it will be based on previous Final Fantasy games. Like the ATB system will return and they will try to make the system a little faster. The fights are based from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

And as final thing Square Enix said is that motion-sense will be used in the games that will appear on PlayStation 3.

Final Fantasy III

A five minutes video of Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS have been uploaded to the net. In the video, which is courtesy of JeuxFrance, you can see the game in action. You can see how a town, the world map and the battle system looks and the interaction with NPCs. The video has been recorded at the E3.

You can watch the video on YouTube and on JeuxFrance.

PCextreme, my hosting company, has just upgraded their webservers to Apache 2, PHP5 and MySQL5. Due to the upgrade, some scripts began to not function anymore. I'll try and look for a fix for the scripts.

Edit: Scripts fixed, thanks goes to Belazor.

According to the Final Fantasy XI development team the chocobo raising system, that was announced at the FINAL FANTASY XI Fan Festival 2006 in Santa Monica, will be included in the next version update.

This update will let the players raise their own chocobo. Also when your chocobo is fully grown you can match it with your friend's chocobo.

» Official announcement