Hell and Heaven Net 10th anniversary!

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Hell and Heaven Net! On 13 July 2001 the website was founded after I renamed my personal website. Why did I name it Hell and Heaven Net? Because in Final Fantasy VIII there are two islands: Island Closest to Hell and Island Closest to Heaven. And I needed an unique name, not a name like Final Fantasy Heaven. The site was first started as a Final Fantasy & Dragon Ball Z fansite, but some months later I decided that to drop Dragon Ball Z coverage.

In 2001 the web was different, there were a lot of Final Fantasy fansites in back then. In the years HHN affiliated with a lot of fansites, but most of the webmasters lost their interest in the websites and they died. Other were acquired by webmasters who didn't care much about it.

The Final Fantasy series also had rough times, especially after the first movie The Spirits Within, which caused Square to almost go bankrupt. A few years after the merge with Enix I experienced that the fanbase wasn't as big as before the merge.

In the 10 years the layout of Hell and Heaven Net has changed 11 times. Most of the layouts were gray themed, but there also were a lot of blue ones, like the current one, which is online for more than 2½ years now. I have a new layout in the works, but I'm currently in the last months of my graduation fase so my free time is limited.

I want to thank all visitors in the last 10 years and the (ex) staff members who supported me in the years. And of course Square Enix for creating the Final Fantasy series. Without them, this website wouldn't exist.