More Final Fantasy XIII info!

In the recent release of Electronic Gaming Monthly Square Enix has released some new details in a interview about Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3.

Original the game was planned for the PlayStation 2 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PlayStation 3, but Square Enix liked it better to released both games on PlayStation 3.

The story of Final Fantasy XIII will go around a legend of some new crystals. This will from the basis of the Fabula Nova Chrystallis project. The worlds in the games will be completely different from each other and the characters will not meat each other. The end of the game will take all games in relation.

The heroin of Final Fantasy XIII is based of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and will be a strong, independent lady.

The battle system of Final Fantasy XIII looks like an action game, but it will be based on previous Final Fantasy games. Like the ATB system will return and they will try to make the system a little faster. The fights are based from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

And as final thing Square Enix said is that motion-sense will be used in the games that will appear on PlayStation 3.