Final Fantasy XVI will have a day one patch

During the Final Fantasy XVI Pre-Launch Celebration live event that was streamed yesterday Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XVI will actually be getting a day one patch.

The patch will be around 300 MB and will contain the following fixes and optimizations:

  • Fix a control flag issue which can make progress impossible under very specific circumstances;
  • Fix an issue wherein the game could close unexpectedly under very specific circumstances;
  • Optimize performance in several places;
  • Fix some minor text errors.

At first the development team said that they've worked hard to release the game without a day one patch for which they apologised during the live event.

Also during the live event producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned that the game was initially planned to ship on two discs, but about six months before the release the development team they managed to fit the game on one disc to reduce production costs.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released on 22 June 2023 exclusively on PlayStation 5. In Japan digital billboards will be on display starting tomorrow and also the below TV commercial will be aired.