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Square Enix

During a press conference this morning Square Enix has announced the future of its MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, which is entering its 14th year in May. The producer of Final Fantasy XI, Akihiko Matsui, has posted an announcement on the official website.

Adventurers of Vana’diel, I have an announcement to make.

In a short time we will be commencing a new series of content known as “The Vana’diel Project,” which aims to expand the scope of Vana’diel as we head into the future.

As part of this tremendous initiative, we have announced new scenario content known as “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel.” This scenario will bring fresh story content and weave together the tales we have told across thirteen years of Vana’diel. Both the development and operations teams are working harder than ever before to deliver this package to you.

We have also announced FINAL FANTASY GRANDMASTERS, a new creation set in Vana’diel, and a native app project based on the MMM (Massive Multiplayer Mobile) concept. Keep your eye on these projects as they revolutionize the way players experience FINAL FANTASY XI.

FINAL FANTASY XI’s major version updates will conclude with the November 2015 iteration, when Rhapsodies of Vana’diel is scheduled to reach its thrilling climax. We will, however, continue implementing ordinary version updates that focus on balance adjustments and bug fixes. Additionally, service for the PlayStation® 2 and Xbox 360® versions will end on or around March 2016, and we will focus our efforts on the Windows® version. Feedback posted on the forums and obtained through other avenues will inform quality of life improvements and balance adjustments, so do not hesitate to tell us your thoughts and opinions.

Take the opportunity to see, hear, and feel Vana’diel as it exists today—a Vana’diel created not just by the developers, but by each and every one of you.

We eagerly await you in the land of Mithra and moogles.

March 19, 2015
Akihiko Matsui, Producer, FINAL FANTASY XI


Square Enix

Square Enix has teamed up with DONTNOD Entertainment (the guys behind Remember Me) and today announced Life is Strange, a digital IP which will consist of multiple episodes. Each chapter will be bulding and evolving on the choices you made in the previous episodes.


Max Caulfield has been absent from Arcadia Bay, Oregon for five years now. Upon returning home she discovers that Rachel Amber, a fellow senior at school, has disappeared under mysterious and rather uncomfortable circumstances. While trying to uncover the truth Max reunites with an old friend, Chloe, and makes a startling discovery: Max has the power to rewind time… 

Life is Strange will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC and can be played at gamescom which takes place this week.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix has announced that they have released a demo of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that can be downloaded from Xbox Games Store today and PlayStation Store. The demo takes place in the beginning of the game where you play as Lightning finding your old friend Snow in the city of Yusnaan. At the end of the demo you fight against the Zaltys boss and when you defeat them you can post your score to the Outerworld to unlock the Siegfried Garb in the full game. Outerworld is a feature that enables you to communicate with other players via social media.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

You can download the Xbox 360 demo from the Xbox Games Store (North America / Europe). The PlayStaton 3 demo for North American users can be downloaded here. In Europe it will be available tomorrow. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available on 11 February in the North America and 14 February in Europe.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix has revealed the E3 2013 trailer of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII showing returning characters and gameplay from the final game in the Lightning saga. They have also announced that the game has been delayed and will now be released in North America on 11 February 2014 and Europe on 14 February 2014 instead of this year.

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has announced today that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will no longer be an exclusive on the PlayStation 3, but also on the Xbox 360.

"Since Final Fantasy XIII was a big success on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, we want Final Fantasy Versus XIII to become the same.

When Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be released is unknown.

Happy April Fools everyone!

Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix has announced on the Xbox 360 Media Briefing 2010 in Tokyo that Final Fantasy XIII will still get a Xbox 360 version one year after the release on the PlayStation 3.

The 360 version will be called Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International and will feature English voices, subtitles, an 'easy mode' and a booklet called "Final Fantasy XIII Corridor of Memory". It will be released on 16 December.

Japanese fans are not really happy with this announcement and are calling Yoichi Wada a liar and he even received death threats.

Source: Andriasang

Final Fantasy XIV

During an interview that RPG Site held with Hiromichi Tanaka, the producer of Final Fantasy XIV, they asked if a Xbox 360 version is planned.

"Currently there are no plans for a version for the Xbox 360. We are still talking with Microsoft about an Xbox 360 version, but at the moment we are only working on the PS3 version and Windows version."

Read the full interview on RPG Site. To Eurogamer Hiromichi Tanaka said the following:

"The main reason why we couldn't go with Xbox 360 was the Xbox Live system," he explained at E3. "[Live is] different to the normal internet environment, so when we wanted to introduce this game in the same environment as Windows PC it had to be PS3, so that was our choice.

"Microsoft has a different point of view: they want to have a closed environment for Xbox Live. We're still talking to... We couldn't come to an agreement on Xbox Live."

It seems Final Fantasy XI is one of the few MMORPG's available on the system.

Star Ocean 4

Yesterday Square Enix has announced that they have pushed the North American release of Star Ocean: The Last Hope a week up from 3rd March to 24th February. Some websites say that the European release date is 24th April, but no official announcement has been made.

Also this week has been announced that Japan will get a Star Ocean: The Last Hope Xbox 360 bundle. The package contains a Xbox 360 Arcade, the game, a Star Ocean: The Last Hope original face plate and the Star Ocean Sound Best Collection soundtrack CD.

The Last Remnant

Good news for the fans in Japan who want to play The Last Remnant and don't have a Xbox 360 yet (and want to play it on this console). Microsoft has announced that they will release a The Last Remnant Xbox 360 premium bundle with the console, the game, the premium soundtrack and faceplate on the day of the worldwide release (20th November).

The Last Remant Xbox 360 bundle

The Last Remnant Xbox 360 premium bundle will get a price tag of 34,800 Yen.

Star Ocean 4

According to the manual that comes with the American version of Infinite Undiscovery Star Ocean: The Last Hope will only be released on Xbox 360.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope only on Xbox 360

Let's hope that the game will also be released on the PlayStation 3, like what happened with other Xbox 360 exclusive titles (Bioshock, Enchanted Arms, Lost Planet).

Source: NeoGAF


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