New Final Fantasy XV patch coming 27 April

Recently Square Enix has announced in a Japanese press release that they'll release a new patch of Final Fantasy XV on 27 April, this Thursday.

The patch will feature a new mode exclusively for PlayStation 4 Pro players called "Stable Mode", which aims to keep a stable frame rate. However the press release didn't mention any number (30 or 60 FPS).

An other feature will be the option to change the font size of some menu screens, equipment and subtitles. This will come in handy when you're not too close to your TV.

Timed Quests will also make their return with an additional ranking system. The first hunt will be the "Infamous Treant". When defeating this monster, the player will receive the Afrosword, a sword inspired by Afrojack. When equipped, the BGM will change to a new song by Afrojack.

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