Welcome to the new Hell and Heaven Net!

Finally, after almost 3½ years having the same layout, Hell and Heaven Net has got a brand new one! Grey is the color I've choosen for version 13 *hides*, which meets with todays standards, since the old one was lacking that. With the new layout, I don't support old browser versions anymore and please use Firefox or Chrome to view the site at best.

With this change Hell and Heaven Net now also covers the retro Final Fantasy games and of course the latest release Final Fantasy XIII-2. All the new covered games have their introduction page up, but not have content yet. All the other covered games still uses the old layout, because the system has also been changed to a content management system (Drupal for those who want to know). All those covered games have to be converted to the new system to have the new layout. This will be done game by game.

A couple of sections (like features and reviews) are currently not available, but will be in the future. Some pages were removed, due to not up-to-date content. There could still be some bugs in the system.

You might also have noticed the Twitter and Facebook blocks at the bottom of the page. You can follow HHN on Twitter (@hhncom) and like us on Facebook.

Please leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are with the brand new layout.