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The Last Remnant

Last week The Last Remnant was removed from the Steam store without any reason. However today Square Enix has announced that The Last Remnant will be released on the PlayStation 4 as The Last Remnant Remastered.

The Last Remnant was originally released on the Xbox 360 back in 2008, almost 10 years ago, and is a turn-based RPG using Unreal Engine 3. The players controls Rush Sykes who is searching for his sister, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious organization during the war. The game received a mixed reception. The battle system was praised for being unique, massive-scale battles. Only the game had some technical issues.

In 2009 the game was ported to the PC. The PlayStation 3 version was also announced, but has been cancelled due to internal factors.

The PlayStation 4 version will not contain new content. All the features from the PC version will be present and also high-speed movement in the field will be available. The engine will be updated to Unreal Engine 4.

The Last Remnant Remastered will be released worldwide on 6 December 2018 for $20 / £16 / €20. Japan will receive a physical release, while North America and Europe only digital.

The Last Remnant

Square Enix has quietly announced that they will remove The Last Remnant from Steam. The RPG will no longer be available for purchase, but owners of the game can still download and play the game.

The Last Remnant is a turn-based RPG using Unreal Engine 3 and was originally released worldwide on the Xbox 360 back in 2008. One year later the game was ported to the PC with enhanced graphical settings, a "Turbo Mode" increasing battle speed, and a New Game Plus. The PlayStation 3 version however was cancelled.

Hi everyone,

We will soon be discontinuing digital and physical sales of The Last Remnant on PC.

Sales will cease at the times below:-

Japan region: Wednesday 5th September, approximately 2:00 (JST)
NA region: Tuesday 4th September, approximately 10:00(PDT)
EU region: Tuesday 4th September, approximately 17:00(GMT)

Anyone already owning the game will still be able to play as per usual.

Thanks to everyone who’s adventured with the Mitras, Yamas, Qsitis and Sovanis!

During a recent shareholder meeting Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square Enix, commented that there might not be a PlayStation 3 version of The Last Remnant.

Summary of Wada's comments: "It's tough on the development side of things to say that you'll release a game on multiple platforms but end up not doing so, Square Enix has to think about profitability. If there's a gap in the release of multiple versions of a game, and if the first version didn't necessarily see such great success, they have to think that there won't be a change in performance on a new platform."

This doesn't mean that there's definitely not going to be a PlayStation 3 version, since he didn't mention the game by name.


Square Enix

In November last year Square Enix released The Last Remnant for the Xbox 360. The reception of the game to the public was mixed. One of the big flows where the technical problems the game had.

Square Enix has announced that it will release the PC version of The Last Remnant in Europe on 20 March, in North America on 24 March and in Japan on 9 April. The game will have some new features and hopefully the bugs from the Xbox 360 version will be fixed.

The Last Remant PC box art

On the official website you can find a official benchmark of the game to check if your PC meet the requirements of the game. When the game will be released for the PlayStation 3 is unknown.

» Official North American website
» Official European website

Update: The demo is now available for download. It's 1 GB in size and can be downloaded here.

The Last Remnant

Today Square Enix has released The Last Remnant for the Xbox 360 across the world. It's the first time Square Enix has released a game worldwide at one day. Let's hope they will do it too with future releases.

The Last Remnant is a turn-based RPG running on the Unreal Engine 3. The game received a 38/40 from Famitsu. If you haven't seen enough about the game you should check out the latest Tokyo Game Show trailer.

» Watch Tokyo Game Show 2008 trailer

The Last Remnant

Good news for the fans in Japan who want to play The Last Remnant and don't have a Xbox 360 yet (and want to play it on this console). Microsoft has announced that they will release a The Last Remnant Xbox 360 premium bundle with the console, the game, the premium soundtrack and faceplate on the day of the worldwide release (20th November).

The Last Remant Xbox 360 bundle

The Last Remnant Xbox 360 premium bundle will get a price tag of 34,800 Yen.

Square Enix has released several new artwork and screenshots about the upcoming RPG for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 The Last Remnant that will be released simultaneously in Japan and the United States.

Click here to view them.

» Source: GameFront

Yesterday Square Enix has opened their official website of The Last Remnant for Japan and North America. On the website, that is in flash you can find information about the game, the world, the two characters (Rush Sykes and The Conqueror), a little bio of the staff team and watch the trailer that recently been released.

» Official Japanese website
» Official North American website

IGN has released three new screenshots from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title The Last Remnant that will be released simultaneously in Japan and the United States. The game looks to become promising.

1, 2, 3

Update: There's also a trailer released from The Last Remnant, which can been seen here.

Square Enix has opened the Japanese and United States website of their recent announced game The Last Remnant. On the websites you can only see a little teaser now, nothing else.

The Last Remnant will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan and United States simultaneously. No release date have been set.

» Official Japanese website
» Official United States website


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