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Square Enix

While the sale for European fans ended previous Wednesday, the sale for North American fans has begon one day earlier. As part of the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series the following Final Fantasy games in the North American PlayStation Store are 50% off till 19 February.

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary

  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)
  • Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy – Prologus (PSP)
  • Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy (PSone)
  • Final Fantasy II (PSone)
  • Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy V (PSone)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSone)
  • Final Fantasy VII (PSone)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (PSone)
  • Final Fantasy IX (PSone)
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSP)

It seems that Final Fantasy III (PSP) is not part of this sale. Crisis Core is still not available in the store.

Square Enix

On the American PlayStation Blog Square Enix has announced the release dates of Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI on the American PlayStation Network.

The first game that will be released on PSN is Chrono Cross on 8 November. The sequel to Chrono Trigger was released back in 2000 and won lots of awards, like Game of the Year from GameSpot.

The second game will be Final Fantasy V on 22 November that was never released in America till Final Fantasy Anthology was released.

That makes Final Fantasy VI the last game and one of the big ones which will be released on 6 December.

Square Enix

Square Enix Europe has announced that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, the PSP remake of the PSone original, is available for download on the European PlayStation Network.

Final Fantasy Tactics takes place in Ivalice, where Final Fantasy XII is also taking place. The PSP remake features an improved translation, fully animated cut-scenes and improved artwork. The PSone version was never released in Europe.

The game can be download from the store for €9.99 / £7.99.

Square Enix

On the American PlayStation Blog has been announced that Xenogears is now available on the PlayStation Network.

Xenogears is a science fiction RPG and was originally released back in 1998 by Square on the PlayStation in Japan and North America. The game was never released in Europe.

The game scored really good ratings and has become a classic gem. You should pick it up for $9.99 USD if you haven't played it yet.

In celebration of 20,000 followers on the Japanese Square Enix Members twitter producer Shinji Hashimoto announced that Chrono Cross will be coming to the Japanese PlayStation Network soon.

Chrono Cross, which is the sequel to Chrono Trigger, was released in 1999 in Japan and 2000 in North America. The game was never released in Europe.

It's yet to be announced if the game will be released in North America and Europe.


The European PlayStation Blog announced yesterday that as of today the classic RPG Grandia will be available for download for €7.99 / £6.29 on European PlayStation Network.


The original Grandia was released back in 1997 on the Sega Saturn in Japan only. In 1999 the game was ported to the PlayStation and released in North America and in 2001 in Europe.
The story begins as Justin, who has inharited the Spirit Stone from his father that was a great adventurer. On one day when visiting the Salt Ruins with his friend Sue, they find out that the Spirt Stone is the key to the secrets of the ancient Icarians. An epic adventure follows.

Square Enix

Square Enix has announced that the first two Parasite Eve games will be released on the PlayStation Network in Japan. The first Parasite Eve game will be released on 4 November and the second game on 18 November. Both games will cost ¥600 ($7,5 USD / € 5,50 EUR).

The 3rd Birthday screenshot

The two games combined for over 3 million worldwide sales on the PlayStation. Their November releases precede the 22 December release of followup The 3rd Birthday. When the games will be released in the USA and Europe is unknown.

Final Fantasy IX

In Europe Final Fantasy IX was already released on PlayStation Network three weeks ago, but now (finally) all American PSN users can download the game.

The game costs $ 9.99 USD and can be played on PS3 and PSP (like all other PSone Classics).

Final Fantasy IX

Earlier this month Shinji Hashimoto announced that Final Fantasy IX is ready for launch on PlayStation Network, but no release date was given. Today the game has been suddenly added to the European PlayStation Network.

You can download the game for £ 7.99 / € 9.99. When the game will be released in North America is unknown.

Final Fantasy IX

Shinji Hashimoto has announced on his Twitter account that Final Fantasy IX will be released on PlayStation Network in Japan on 20 May. No price has been announced yet, but it will likely cost the same as VII and VIII.

On the American PlayStation Blog has been announced that Final Fantasy IX will be coming soon to PlayStation Network. Stay tuned to HHN for the release date and the European release date.


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