Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 announced

Yoichi Wada, President and CEO of Square Enix, has made an announcement regarding Final Fantasy XIV.

Allow me to thank you all for your continued interest in FINAL FANTASY XIV.

One year has passed since the game’s release, and despite the disappointment surrounding its launch, we have received a wealth of support from you, the players. Your encouraging words and continued loyalty have been a source of immeasurable inspiration to everyone involved with FINAL FANTASY XIV’s development.

In the ten months since the FINAL FANTASY XIV team’s restructuring, we have put forth the utmost effort into not only improving the game’s existing features, but also creating a concrete plan to outline the game’s new direction. Today, I am pleased to announce we can confidently present that plan to our customers. We fully realize this is but a single step towards our ultimate goal, and that to meet the high standards set in the plan, more time is required. In the meantime, however, we will not waver in our commitment to bringing players exciting and engaging content, even as the game moves through its evolution.

With this, it is my hope that we will continue to receive your support as we will need to bring the unbilled period to a close between late November and early December 2011, and introduce our subscription-based billing system. I appreciate that this decision will not be popular, but it is a necessary step in building upon the foundation our fans and development team have made together and to realize the full potential of FINAL FANTASY XIV.

The team will stop short of nothing as they move towards realizing the new FINAL FANTASY XIV, and as they do so, I humbly ask for both your understanding and support.

President and CEO, Yoichi Wada

This concludes that the you have to pay a monthly fee starting from end November, begin December. All subscriptions that are automatically renewed are temporary suspended, so that you have to renew it if you want to continue playing the game.

Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 screenshot

They also announced Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 which will be a complete rebuild of the game. The maps will be redesigned, a new graphics engine will be implemented, a complete redesign of the user interface and more community content will be added. They have announced to release Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 end 2012, begin 2013.

The PlayStation 3 version was indefinitely delayed previous year after the negative reactions on the game. They have stated that the PlayStation 3 version will be released together with Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0.

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