Square Enix announces E3 line-up

Square Enix has announced their line-up for the coming E3 that will take place from 15 till 17 July in Los Angeles.

Playable games
- Chrono Trigger (Nintendo DS)
- Dragon Quest: Chapters of the Chosen (Nintendo DS)
- Final Fantasy IV (Nintendo DS)
- Infinite Undiscovery (Xbox 360)
- Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes (iPod)

Trailer only
- The Last Remnant (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
- Star Ocean: First Departure (PlayStation Portable)
- Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PlayStation Portable)
- Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Xbox 360)

The big disappointment is that, like last year, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII are not playable nor viewable on the E3.