First Star Ocean 4 details and scans

In an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu assistant producer Hajime Kojima from tri-Ace released the first details about the new Star Ocean game.

- The hero's name is Edge Maverick and the heroine's name is Reimi (you can see a screenshot of them in the 2nd magazine scan).
- You can take 5 characters into battle and there are a lot of new elements that doesn't make the battle system look like the one in the previous release.
- The battles are already playable, but are full of placeholder elements.
- You will be able to pilot a ship and travel to different planets. And there will be more planets than in the previous game.
- The story is complete, but he couldn't talk about the setting.
- Info about the game's release date will be released when people are done playing the remakes of the first two Star Ocean games.

More will hopefully be announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

Magazine Scans: 1, 2