PlayStation 3 Price Cut

Sony has announced a new version of the PlayStation 3 and is cutting the price of the current 60 GB version in North America and Europe.

The current price of the PlayStation 3 with the 60 GB HDD of $599 USD / €599 will fall to $499 USD / €499 and the new 80 GB version will be introduced in August for $599 USD / € 599.

The timing of the price cut came as a surprice since Ryoji Chubachi said last Friday that Sony has no plans at present to cut the price.

13/07 Update: Bad news for Europe: Sony has no plans to cut the price in Europe with 100 euros. They have announced that they will release a starter pack here with 2 first party games and 2 controllers for €599.

15/07 Update: Sony has confirmed that the recent price drop of the PlayStation 3 in North America is temporary.