New Official Crisis Core website!

Two days ago Square Enix has opened the website for its PlayStation Portable title Core: Final Fantasy VII! On the website you can find the story, character info and download wallpapers.

The game's story begins seven years before the events of Final Fantasy VII. By monopolizing the all-important Mako Energy, the power and influence of Shinra Company has begun to grow rapidly. Construction of the Mako City of Midgar is progressing at a high pace. Despite their obvious successes, company executives in Midgar have reasons to worry. During a military confrontation in the town of Wutai, many members of Shinra's elite unit SOLDIER, among them SOLDIER 1st Genesis, have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. To end the conflict and investigate the disappearance of Genesis and the other SOLDIER members, Shinra dispatches protagonist Zack, Angeal Hewley, and Sephiroth to Wutai. Thanks to RPGFan for writing this.

» Official Japanese Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII website