Rumor: Square Enix selling 2 series?! (Updated)

According to the German website Wunderlampe Square Enix is going to sell 2 of their series. This is because of the high development costs the company has. Buena Vista Games is one of the companies that can take over the Kingdom Hearts series and Mistwalker the Chrono series rights. Let's just hope this is a rumor.

-- addition by alexanderpas: --
Wunderlampe doesn't state anything which franchises will be sold nor who the buyers are, just offered some possibilities
However! GameFront say that it could be the Mana and Kingdom Hearts franchise, which will go to Disney, because they started their own developement studio named Fall Line in November 06. Now for the wildest thing (imo) in this speculation: Fall Line was created to produce for Wii, DS and GBA.

thanks to NeoGAF