No More PlayStation 3 Dev Kits?

Previously, Sony delayed the PS3 in Europe and drastically cut the launch allocation in the rest of the world.
Today, according to a source at Kotaku, the company is apparently running short on developer hardware.

Here's exactly what this guy had to say:

"Sony has run out of PS3 test kits to give to developers. Since the announcement of the European launch being delayed, nobody has any idea what's going to happen with the PS3 port of F.E.A.R... specially since we only have the one PS3. And it's a devkit. In case you haven't seen those things, they sound like giant vacuum cleaners. They're reportedly ridiculously complicated to use, specially when upgrading the firmware. It has just the one controller, and it's not even the proper PS3 one even! It doesn't have those "innovative" changes from the PS3 controller, it's just a Dual Shock 2 with a USB Mini port."

There are two possible results of these last-minute problems. Either it's going to really hurt Sony with the PS3 hype, or it's all just going to even out to a small wrinkle in the PS3 lifespan and in the long run won't affect it at all. Only time will tell.