Advent Children: Director's Cut

If you read the report on the Square-Enix booth, then you already know this, but the company has announced a new version of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children with the subtitle 'Complete', and it came complete with a new trailer to show off some of the changes in the movie. This version of Advent Children will be on Sony's Blu-Ray media, and as the title suggests, it's going to be somewhat of a director's cut. Not only will the resolution be much higher than the DVD version, but Square Enix will be adding scenes and making changes to existing scenes. One new scene shown during the presentation was Sephiroth impaling Cloud and hoisting him over his head while his Masamune was still embedded inside of him, much like in Final Fantasy 7 for the PSOne.

No word on a solid release date yet but the trailer did indicate a Japanese release sometime in 2007. We'll have more information as it becomes available.