Square Enix talks about illegal activaties

Yesterday Square Enix release a press announcement about illegaly uploading Advent Children on the internet. Somebody was caught putting the movie online at Google Video. Google had removed the movie after Square Enix asked them and they investigated who was responsible for this and prosecuted him. On April 17th he admitted that he illegally uploaded the movie and he agreed to pay a confidential monetary sum to Square Enix for damages.

In the press announcement Yasuhiko Hasegawa (Square Enix's General Manager of Legal Affairs) said this: "In connection with the release of the movie, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, we are actively pursuing those who commit intellectual property infringement against our company. Any illegal activities, including the illegal uploading of Square Enix content to Internet sites and the unauthorized copying of Square Enix games, music, movies, images, and other intellectual property, will be prosecuted. While Square Enix appreciates the enthusiasm of its fans, and values its relationship with them, it is also obligated to protect its intellectual property rights or risk weakening or losing the very rights that enable the company to continue to provide its fans with an exciting entertainment experience."

Advent Children will be released in North America on 25th April and in Europe one day earlier.

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