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This week GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that they will terminate service for Grandia Online and Grandia Online Cross (a web game related to Grandia Online) on 28 September. Grandia Online was announced back in May 2009 as a MMORPG exclusively for PC. Sadly the game didn't had a good reception and it never saw release outside of Japan.

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GungHo Online Entertainment has launched the official website of the MMORPG Grandia Online. On the website you can find information (in Japanese) and screenshots about the game and watch a teaser. If you've played the original Grandia you will be familair with the music playing.

A couple of hours ago a press conference has been given to the Japanese press. When more information will be released I'll update the article. All we know is that the game is exclusively for PC and that GungHo has opened an one week playable beta.

» Official Japanese website

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