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Today, on Valentines Day, Grandia III has been released in the United States! So, if you live in the US and love Grandia games, go get it! If you never played a Grandia game, I suggest you try this one.

Square Enix has announced the release date for Grandia III in the United States. It will be on Valentines Day, February 14th. So, maybe you can give Grandia III to your valentine!

Square-Enix has opened their official North American website of Grandia III a couple of days ago. On the website you can find information of the game, it's story, characters and battle system. Also you can download some wallpapers and you can view some battle clips and the English trailer.

Grandia III will be released in the United States next month.

» Official Grandia III US website

Square-Enix has opened a teaser website for the North American version of Grandia III, the game made by GameArts coming for PlayStation 2. The site doesn't have any information yet, only a release date for the trailer which will be on December 22nd.

» Grandia III Teaser website

Square Enix

In the latest issue of the Official US PlayStation magazine Square-Enix said that they wanted to release Grandia III in North America. Also this week the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (better known as ESRB) has given a rating Teen for Grandia III. The reason why Grandia III has this rating is because the game has fantasy violence, mild language, and use of alcohol.

Keep checking back HHN for more news about the upcoming release of Grandia III.

Source: RPGamer

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