Uploading via FTP

If you want to start a website you need to know how to upload content. Some hosting companies have the option to upload content via the browser, but others don't. Uploading via FTP is the option most hosting companies offers. But how to do it? It's simple.

First download a FTP application. I use WinSCP for this tutorial which can also be used to transfer files via SFTP and SCP. After downloading and installing WinSCP start it up. You'll see the session tab. First select the file protocol which is FTP. You'll see the following fields you have to enter:

  • Host name
    This is most of the times ftp.yourdomain.com.
  • Port number
    Default port for FTP is 21.
  • User name
    Your username that you have received from your hosting company.
  • Password
    Your password that you have received from your hosting company.

When you are succesfully logged in you'll see that the screen has been split in two explorer screens. The left one is your local computer and the right one is the remote location you have connected to.

To start transferring content between your local computer and the website just select the local files and drag them on the other window. To create a folder just right click and select New > Directory.

I hope this tutorial helps you understanding how to start uploading your content. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.