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Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix has announced a new game for iOS and Android devices called Final Fantasy VII G-Bike. This game takes the mini game from Final Fantasy VII completely re-imagined with customize options, leveling and item collecting. In the original game from 1997 you have to play this mini game during the story line and you can play it later in the Gold Saucer.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike will be available for free with in-app purchases, however no release date has been given.

Final Fantasy Type-0

A couple of days ago it was announced that the fan translation of Final Fantasy Type-0, under the name of Operation Doomtrain, has reached the final state and can now be played by everybody. Started by Sky back on 1 January 2013 it was a reaction to Square Enix's decision to not release it in the West due to market reasons.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD screenshot

Today, Square Enix has announced that we will still receive an official version of Final Fantasy Type-0, but not on the PlayStation Portable. It will be remastered in HD on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD logo

On the American PlayStation.Blog, Sakura Minamida, senior product manager at Square Enix, said the following:

I’d like to start this out by thanking everyone who let us know how badly you wanted this game to come to North America. Ever since the original PlayStation Portable release in Japan, you guys have never given up on it, raising your voices in an effort to see this title come to North America and Europe. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s coming and it’s going to be in HD.

Stay tuned for more details in the future.

Final Fantasy XV

During a recent interview by Famitsu, Shinji Hashimoto, producer at Square Enix, said that they will release no new information of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, which are currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, at next week's E3 2014.

When Famitsu asked if there will be information of Final Fantasy XV, Hashimoto replied with the following:

Well, first I’d like to say that development for FFXV is going well. Internally, we try to ascertain the best timing for revealing new information about FFXV to the fans. So when we were going over our promotion plans, we judged that this year’s E3 would not be the best time to exhibit information about FFXV. Instead we are currently planning to exhibit new information at events after E3 2014. I am extremely grateful to all the fans who excitedly anticipate FFXV, and I’m looking forward to share new information when the timing is right. I would appreciate if fans hold out until then.

About Kingdom Hearts III, Hashimoto said the following:

We are are working diligently on KH3, but I think releasing new information will still take some time. We included a small part regarding the story of KH3 In the new trailer KH 2.5 prepared for E3 2014, so please check that out.

Anyone surprised? It's dissapointing, but was kinda expected.

Kingdom Hearts II

Square Enix has released the E3 2014 trailer of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX and has announced that this HD collection will be released on 2 December 2014 in North America and 5 December 2014 in Europe exclusively for PlayStation 3. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX contains the HD remastered versions of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix and movie scenematics of Kingdom Hearts re:coded.

The trailer also contains a teaser of Kingdom Hearts III, which is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Square Enix

Square Enix has announced that they have released a port of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for iOS and Android devices. Originally the game was released on the PlayStation 2 back in November 2004 in Japan, one year later in North America and April 2006 in Europe and tells the story of the kingdom of Trodain which has been cursed by Dhoulmagus and its up to the hero and party to save the kingdom.

Dragon Quest VIII Android screenshot Dragon Quest VIII Android screenshot Dragon Quest VIII Android screenshot Dragon Quest VIII Android screenshot Dragon Quest VIII Android screenshot

This port has been optimized for mobile devices and can be bought from the iTunes Store and Google Play for $19.99/€17.99/£13.99.

Final Fantasy III

Earlier this month Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy III will make its way to Steam. Well, it seems Square Enix has released the game today. The original version of Final Fantasy III was released back in 1990 for the Famicom (NES). In 2006 a 3D remake was released on the Nintendo DS, which was later ported to iOS, Android, PSP, Ouya and Windows Phone. The Steam version is the same port, but with Steam Achievements and Trading Cards and some graphical improvements.

The game can be purchased at Steam for $15.99/€12.99/£10.99.

Square Enix

Square Enix has launched Drakengard 3 yesterday in North America and today in Europe. In this prequel to the original Drakengard you play as Zero, the eldest of six "Intoner" sisters who wield special magical abilities. Zero is on a quest to murder her five sisters with the help of her dragon companion, Mikhail.

Drakengard 3 is now available in a normal version and a collector's edition In North America. Europe have to do with a download version only (they did release a CE here, but with a download voucher ...). You can watch the launch trailer of the game which Square Enix revealed today.

Final Fantasy Type-0

This week Square Enix has released a new trailer of Final Fantasy Agito, a RPG for mobile devices set in the universe of Final Fantasy Type-0 and a prequel. The trailer shows the areas you can visit and combat scenes.

Final Fantasy Agito is now available in Japan for iOS and Android devices. No word of a western release has been made.

Final Fantasy III

Square Enix has announced today that Final Fantasy III will make its way to Steam soon. This game was originally released in 1990, but got a remake in 2006 for Nintendo DS and later was also released on iOS, Android and PlayStation Portable. This was the first Final Fantasy game to have a job system and the ability to use summons like Shiva or Bahamut.

The Steam version of Final Fantasy III will feature Steam Achievements and Trading Cards and will have some visual tweaks.

Final Fantasy III

The game will be available for $15.99/€12.99/£10.99 and a release date will be announced soon. You can already access the Steam page of the game.

Square Enix

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced today that they are selling all their 9,520,000 Square Enix shares to a company called SMBC Nikko Securities. This will generate an income of 15.3 billion yen, around $ 150 million USD / € 108 million which will be marked down Sony's financial report for the year ending 31st March 2015. 

Sony is lately in severe financial weather and this is a financial boost for the company. This marks the seperation of a long partnership that resulted in a strong presence of the Final Fantasy series on PlayStation hardware over the years.

What the exact reason is for the sale is unknown.

17-04 Update: Sale price was incorrect and has been updated after Sony's announcement.

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